When you have been given an operation code by your surgeon, you can obtain an estimate of the anaesthetic fee either by using our fee search tool (below) or by contacting our secretary, Tina (+44 1534 630211). The estimate is based on the proposed operation and may be different if you ultimately undergo a different procedure.

For additional procedures carried out under the same anaesthetic the following will apply:

  • Main Operation – 100% of the fee
  • Second operative procedure – 50% of the fee
  • Any additional procedure – 25% of the fee

We will always discuss the anaesthetic options available to you, including the specific benefits, risks and alternatives. We want you to have the optimal anaesthetic and best possible post-operative pain relief. Therefore, your anaesthetic will be specific to you. We do not want this to be influenced by the anaesthetic fee. Consequently, the anaesthetic fee will not alter depending upon the type of anaesthetic you choose. For example, there is no additional fee for any local or regional analgesic techniques.

Your estimated anaesthetic fee will not include:

  • Any high dependency or intensive care admissions
  • Unexpected second operations
  • Further IV access obtained by a Consultant Anaesthetist
  • Consultant Anaesthetist Pre-operative Assessment (Nurse led pre-operative assessment is included in the hospital fee)

To find the anaesthetic fee please use the code provided by your surgeon in the box below, or enter the name of the procedure.


Our contract of service is with you, the patient. There are two ways in which your fee may be paid:

  1. Directly by you (self funding)
  2. In full or in part by your health insurance company

If you have health insurance you should contact your insurance company in advance of your operation to confirm the benefits available under the terms of your policy. Any difference between the anaesthetic fee and the amount covered by your insurer is called a shortfall, which you will be liable to pay.

Jersey Anaesthetic Group are Consultant doctors with a minimum of 14 years training, with many years of additional experience. We are responsible for ensuring you remain safe throughout your operation and remain comfortable afterwards. We are highly skilled at managing expected and unexpected complications, the side-effects of the potent anaesthetic drugs, peri-operative fluid or blood loss, and much more.

Our fees which are based on rates published by insurance company schedules and have risen inline with inflation. However, the maximum benefit by many insurers has often remained unchanged for many years. This is why there is sometimes a shortfall. 

We adhere to the AAGBI code of practice.


Where possible invoices will be sent direct to your health insurer, otherwise you must arrange payment directly. You can pay by:

  1. Cheque made payable to “Jersey Anaesthesia (JAG) Limited”
  2. Bank transfer - Sort code: 40-25-33; Account No: 61864041

Please include your invoice reference number.

Vitality Health members

Please note that due to the Terms & Conditions of this insurer, our invoice will be sent to you. You will need to contact them to arrange reimbursement to yourself.